• With the ending of the year 2017 we also end the Leiden Asia Year. It is now time to look back at a year filled with events on Asia and ofcourse the festive opening of the new Asian Library.

    This was the Leiden Asia Year

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  • Naturalis Biodiversity Center just released their new research-video.

    Have you ever wondered why flowers have such different and crazy shapes?

    It turns out its a pickup tric, so the plants do not all attract the same animal!

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  • 21 October-28 May - Exhibition: Mentawai from indonesia

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  • Download the Leiden Asia Year App

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  • Envisioning Indonesia is an extraordinary walk-app that allows users to connect the cityscape of Leiden with similar places on the other side of the world: Indonesia. Download the Walk-app now!

    11 May-31 December - Walk-App: Envisioning Indonesia