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Universiteit Leiden

10 May - Yamato – Japanese drummers

YAMATO, the world-famous Japanese drummers, enchant audiences throughout the world with their creativity and innovation.

The performance starts with a beat on an enormous Japanese Taiko drum, made from a 400-year-old tree. The intensity of the sound makes your whole body resonate and your heart beat faster. You will find yourself transported by the ecstatic rhythm of the drumming to a world you hardly knew existed. The drummers use their whole body and soul, and every ounce of their energy for each drumbeat, sending an overwhelming wave of energy washing over you.

This traditional instrument, the ‘Wadaiko’ (Japanese drum), brings the authentic spirit of Japan to life and leads you on a journey of discovery to new experiences. The YAMATO troupe was formed in 1993; they made their debut at a Shinto temple festival taking place in their home town, where the members performed Hyuga, an original musical work they composed themselves. Now, 24 years later, YAMATO has visited 53 different countries and given over 3,000 performances for more than six million people. Their musical performances are widely acclaimed by audiences and have received a string of top reviews by critics. To reserve tickets please click here.