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3 May - War in the East Indies? The controversy surrounding the Dutch performance in the decolonization of the Netherlands – The Dutch Indies (1945 – 1949)

The Historical Study Association Leiden organizes a symposium on the struggle for independence in the Dutch East Indies (1945-1949) on Wednesday, May 3rd 2017. The starting point of the symposium will be the request of the Dutch governance to re-open the research into the Dutch intervention in the decolonization of the Dutch East Indies in 1945-1949. The reason for this request was the recently published dissertation of historian Rémy Limpach. In his book ‘De brandende kampongs van Generaal Spoor’ (‘The burning kampongs of General Spoor’), he draws the conclusion that the Dutch violence against the population of its colony was more widespread than believed before.


The HSVL has the great honour to welcome Rémy Limpach, and he will talk about his findings concerning this matter. During the symposium, the HSAL aims to highlight various perspectives on the subject. One of the other speakers is Louis Zweers, guest curator of the ‘Colonial War’-exposition of the Resistance Museum Amsterdam. He will show us censored and uncensored images of the actions of the Dutch army in the Dutch East Indies at that time, and explain them.



Please consider that the program of this event is in Dutch.
Starting time: 19.30h