Leiden streets

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11 May-31 December - Walk-App: Envisioning Indonesia

Envisioning Indonesia is an extraordinary walk-app that allows users to connect the cityscape of Leiden with similar places on the other side of the world: Indonesia. Download the Walk-app:




While walking through Leiden, short clips can be activated on a mobile device as if one looks over a distant wall. The app offers two routes. The first one focuses on the landmarks of Leiden. The textile history of Leiden will be connected to moving images of a textile factory in Delanggu on Java, and the Leidense Burcht, the fortress in the city centre, will be linked to ‘Fort Oranje’ on the Moluccan Island of Ternate. The second route focuses on daily life by showing the Indonesian version of the student dormitory, a kos, and the oldest market of Jakarta in reference to the main shopping street of Leiden. All clips come from ‘Recording the Future’, an audio-visual project of KITLV recording daily life in Indonesia. ‘Envisioning Indonesia’ enables the walker to combine the business of street life in Leiden with glimpses of Indonesia, making strolling through Leiden a global experience.


The Envisioning Indonesia app provides a short (4km) and a long (6km) walk and is now available online for android and IOS. Download the walk-app for IOS or download the walk-app for Android.