Leiden University

Matthias de Vrieshof 4/007, leiden


Universiteit Leiden, Ritsumeikan University

15 February - Text & Image in Pre-modern Japan: From Analogue to Digital Humanities

The scholars and graduate students from the Leiden University and the Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto will discuss the advantaged and challenges related to Digital Humanities, a new research field that has been transforming humanities in the last years and which has a potential to leave a lasting impact on diverse disciplines in humanities in the years to come. Feel free to join this workshop.


Time: 13.00 – 17.00

Venue: Vrieshof 4/007

Organizer and Chair: Dr. Ewa Machotka, Leiden University


13.00-13.15: Registration


13.15-13.20: Opening Word, Ewa Machotka (Leiden University)


13.20-13.50: “Michizane through the Cracks. Rereading and Revising the Forgotten Poetry of Sugawara no Michizane”(垣間見る道真ー定説の菅原道真像の隙間を読み通すー) , Niels van der Salm (Leiden University)


13.50-14.20: “Court Poetry as Didactic Entertainment: Kuniyoshi’s Hyakunin isshu no uchi (歌川国芳の『百人一首の内』における注釈文と間テクスト性)  Frank Witkam (Leiden University)


14.20-14.50: “The representation of warrior legends in children’s reading material  and textbooks (1800-1926): the example of Yoshitsune (子どもの読み物と教科書における英雄伝説 (1800-1926) ― 義経を事例として), Aafke van Ewijk (Leiden University)


14.50-15.10:  Break


15.10-15.40: 「英雄像の変遷:渡辺綱の場合」Toyonaga Eiko (Ritsumeikan University)


15.40-16.10:「金太郎像の成長」, Miyazaki Saho (Ritsumeikan University)


16.10-16.50: 「描かれた頼光伝説 異界展デジタル展示の紹介も兼ねて」, Akama Ryō (Ritsumeikan University)


16.50-16.55:  Closing remarks, Ewa Machotka (Leiden University)