Museum Volkenkunde

Steenstraat 1, Leiden, The Netherlands




14-15 February - Symposium: ‘It’s All Relative’

Do you have a broad interest in Japan or Korea and would you like to broaden your mind regarding these fascinating countries? The Leiden Study Assosciation for Japanology and Koreanology, Tanuki, organizes a symposium, where subjects related with Japan and Korea are on the agenda. The title of the symposium is ‘It’s All Relative’ and is open for anyone who is interested in Japan and/or Korea. You are very welcome to join!


You are free to join separate lectures and it is not compulsory to be present at all lectures. Coffee and tea will be available during intermission. The timetable and speakers are announced on the Facebook event page and it is also where they will keep you updated on the Symposium: please click here to visit the Facebook-page.