LAK, Lipsius Building

Cleveringaplaats 1, Leiden



25 March - LAK-Workshop: Sumi-e (Japanese ink brush painting)

Sumi-e means Japanese ink brush painting. The pictures drawn by Sumi (black ink) are generally called ‘Suiboku-ga’ or ‘Sumi-e’ in Japan. It is said that ‘Sumi-e is the most popular way of saying overseas. Sumi-e basically uses only black ink but sometimes uses a little bit of other pigments as well. Sumi-e with other pigments is called Bokusaiga in particular. By the way, Sumie uses various techniques of gradation, shading, bleeding, blur and so on. . Such techniques can be obtained through changing the amount of water added to the ink. The 25th of March will be a ‘shrimp’ workshop.


Please visit the website of The Leiden Academic Art Centre (LAK) for more information about time and costs or to register online.