Lipsius Building Leiden University, Room 011

Cleveringaplaats 1, Leiden



4 April-9 May - Studium Generale – Salon Boerhaave

Together with Museum Boerhaave, Leiden University Studium Generale organises a lecture series on Asia, related to objects and archival docments in the Boerhaave collection.


Dates & Topics

04|04 The blind visionary of Ambon: Georg Everard Rumphius
11|04 Venus in Batavia and Réunion
18|04  W. F. Einthoven’s String galvanometer: the electrocardiograph as wireless telegraph
02|05 The Bosscha stargazer: astronomy in the Dutch East Indies
09|05 Jacob Clay’s electrometer: a story of an imperfect discovery


Time & Place
19.30–21.00 hours,
Room 011
Lipsius Building,
Cleveringaplaats 1


Please consider that the program of these events is in Dutch