Academiegebouw, klein auditorium

Rapenburg 73, Leiden



2-3 September - Shilin Rombouts Graduate Conference

On September 2 and 3, the Shilin Journal of Young Sinology will host the third Rombouts Graduate Conference at Leiden University. The Rombouts Conference is a two-day conference organised by and for Master and PhD students with a particular focus on China. Its goal is to provide budding China specialists with a platform to present and discuss their work in a familiar yet professional environment. The Rombouts Conference also offers participants the opportunity to meel local and international scholars from their respective fields.


Through a series of panels, workshops, guest lectures, discussions, and keynote speeches, the Rombouts Conference will examine the use of primary sources in China Studies. As the most fundamental aspect of any Sinological inquiry, source materials and the way we use them greatly determine the direction, scope, and findings of our research. Besides the opportunities they can provide, they also pose distinct challenges, inevitably touching on questions of access, interpretation, and contextualization. Related developments, such as the digitization of source materials and the methodologies used analyze them, further inform these issues. These and similar questions will be at the heart of this year’s conference.


The Rombouts conference welcomes submissions from a diverse range of disciplines and interests, including politics, digital communication, literature, art, history, and many more.


Everyone is invited to send their abstract (300 words), departmental affiliation, and 4 keywords before the 1st of July. Submissions can be sent to: