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Europalia, De X

8 December - Salawat Dulang: Sinar Barapi & Kilek Barapi – Trance-like vocals and percussion from West Sumatra, Indonesia

Salawat dulang is a religious muic style from Minangkabau, an area in West Sumatra, Indonesia. Two vocalists sing a kind of sufi lyrics while at the same time beating a brass tray. But mostly the chanting goes beyond sufi texts, all kind of stories are being improvised by the singers. The two singers sometimes sing together, sometimes allternately, while developing a trance-like cadence by the percussion rhythms on their brass trays.


Salawat dulang are usually performed at weddings, circumcissions, religious and national holidays. For Minang audience, where the tradition is being practiced, they prefer salawat dulang performed alternately by two pairs, in a kind of battle. In this case, each pair would create and improvise stories. The theme depends on the occasion in which salawat dulang is being performed.


Also tonight two pairs of artists will play alternately, Sinar Barapi and Kilek Barapi. Salawat dulang is traditionally performed all night long, but here it will be approximately 60 minutes. 🙂



Before the performance Dr. Suryadi will give an introduction in english. Dr. Suryadi himself is from Minangkabau and works at Leiden University. He has written a lot about music from West Sumatra, and he will give the audience more cultural and musical context.


The music of Sinar Barapi & Kilek Barapi is also on youtube. You can listen to one of their songs by visiting Youtube.


Entrance: 15 (door) / 12.50 (pre sale, via internet only)

This concert is organised together with Europalia Indonesia Arts Festival.