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23 October-31 December - ‘Reistafel’ uncovers Asia

A meal as a key to Asia. Eighty minor’s students are writing blogs about the Reistafel – a play on words in Dutch referring to travel (reis) and rice (rijst) that serves as a metaphor for the political, economic, cultural and social diversity of Asia. The blog is part of the minor Journalism and New Media that trains students for a career in (cross-medial) journalism.


The Reistafel is the winner of a competition that was finalised early in September 2016. Other ideas put forward were about doing business in Asia, backpacking in Asia and integrating Chinese students in Leiden.


The Reistafel is based on an Asian meal, the rijsttafel. Students will analyse in different editorial teams all the conceivable aspects of the meal: What does it cost? What kind of diet is it? Who eats together with whom and how are they related to one another? What is the cultural-historical significance of food in different cultures?


The aim of the blog is to use the example of a meal to convey differences and similarities between Western and Eastern cultures and the way they influence one another. The communication will be cross-medial, featuring written articles and videos, data journalism and podcasts. Visit the blog here.