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Steenstraat 1, Leiden



International Institute for Asian Studies

6-7 April - Reflections on India and China: From Civilisation to Climate Change

The (re-)emergence of India and China as powerful players in the contemporary world, and particularly the miracle of their growth story, remains a puzzle for many. However, the contemporary story may not be adequately understood without reflecting on their civilisational past and knowledge system, ideas and ideologies, values and norms, which shaped the material, cultural and intellectual contours of the two societies.


This two-day seminar juxtaposes core issues related to contemporary India and China on a common scholarly platform, with presentations from invited researchers and experts from diverse disciplines, who will not only reflect on a specific  theme of their own expertise in either or both countries, but who will also offer a useful comparative perspective.


Convener: Prof. Pralay Kanungo, Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) Chair for the Study of Contemporary India at IIAS and Leiden University (Institute for Area Studies, LIAS), the Netherlands.