Kamerling Onnes Gebouw (KOG)

Steenschuur 25, Leiden


Primavera Pers

1 August-31 December - Photo exhibition “The North Koreans. Glimpses of daily life in the DPRK”

The photos in this exhibition do not show parades and mass events of official DPRK propaganda. “The North Koreans” shows how people in the DPRK live their daily lives against the backdrop of totalitarian ideology – lives of a bizarre otherworldliness within the 21st century.


This selection of photographs – made by people who visited the DPRK several times; one of the photographers even lived there for several years – not only has a documentary value; the lines and colours of architecture, landscape and the calligraphy of the ubiquitous slogans and announcements are often strangely aesthetic.


Though the definition “forbidden photographs” is an elastic concept we can with certainty state that the photographs in this exhibition are not approved by the North Korean authorities. The book “The North Koreans” contains c. 320 photographs, of which 30 are exhibited.
Please note that the language of this exhibtion is in Dutch. The accompanying book is in English.