Hortus botanicus Leiden

Rapenburg 73, Leiden


14 April-8 October - Crown Jewels from Asia

In 2017 it will be exactly 200 year ago that ‘s Lands Plantentuin te Buitenzorg was set up on Java by Dr Caspar Georg Carl Reinwardt. Since 1949, Buitenzorg Bogor and the botanical garden have been known as: Kebun Raya Bogor (literally, the large garden at Bogor). Leiden’s Hortus botanicus will be celebrating this anniversary in 2017 with a rich palette of activities. Our exhibition Crown Jewels from Asia is one of them.


The two botanical gardens have a close historical link: Reinwardt was appointed Professor of Botany at Leiden University following his period as director in Bogor. Even 200 years later, a large proportion of the core collection of the Leiden Hortus is still made up of plants that originate from Indonesia. The collaboration with Universitas Indonesia was recently further strengthened by the signing of an agreement between the two Science faculties.