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30 November-14 December - Online Booklaunch: ‘Brieven uit Deshima’

The book ‘Brieven uit Deshima’ (‘Letters from Deshima’) contains the complete, original manuscript, scanned, each page accompanied with a typed version, a lot off illustrative old pictures and a palet of information of other sources. In the blog is told about the time before the journey, when the couple met, when Jan Cock first went alone to ‘The East’ and Deshima, to become wealthy enough to marry and where he opposed the English brave. A great deal of the 100 page long manuscript is about the journey itself and about the half year they stayed meanwhile at Batavia where they lived like classic expats, including having slaves. It tells off course about their time and struggle at Deshima and also about the journey back and the years afterwards till the passing away of Titia. Publishing this way, with the complete manuscript, lowers the mostly felt gap between the centuries, but was also seen as necessary because the last decennium a far too romantic version of this history circulated even in the university libraries.


The book is now for sale and has a price 25,- euro. It can (only) be ordered via and will be sometimes available at lectures and informationmarkets. A version in English is planned.