LAK, Lipsius Building

Cleveringaplaats 1, Leiden



26 March - LAK-Workshop & Reading: Tai Chi | Chi Kung

Since 2002  Marc Jongsten gives Tai Chi and Chi Kung classes in Leiden. This originally Chinese martial arts, deal with the cultivation of internal and external processes of our body and our mind. The philosophy of Tai Chi and Chi Kung has essentially a “holistic” nature. So they acknowledge that there shouldn’t be a separation  between body and mind. We should be able to function as a whole.


During the lessons, we work from the inside to the unification of body and mind. Through standing exercises and movements we are going to improve our health. This movements require patience and perseverance. this “internal fitness” exercises are for over thousands of years a blessing for body and mind.


Under the motto Zhan Zhuang “standing like a tree – development from within,” we are  practicing  this fascinating Chinese martial art. The group is open to both beginners and advanced.


Please visit the website of The Leiden Academic Art Centre (LAK) for more information about time and costs or to register online.