LAK, Lipsius Building

Cleveringaplaats 1, Leiden



26 March - LAK-Workshop: Bharatanatyam (South Indian Temple dance)

Bharatanatyam originated more than 2000 years ago within the temple walls of South India. Practitioners and performers of this dance were the Devadasi’s: attendants and devotees of God. Over the years this dance expression has evolved over and has become a dance which is performed on many venues. Characteristic are the head, eye and neck movements, rhythmic footwork, hand gestures and narrative expression.


In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the three main aspects of Bharatanatyam:
Nritta – pure technical dance without meaning.
Natya- Expressive / Narrative form of dance.
Nritya – The combination of pure technical / abstract dance and expressive / narrative dance.



Please visit the website of The Leiden Academic Art Centre (LAK) for more information about time and costs or to register online.