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13 May - KITLV Symposium Stories and Storytelling in the Indonesian Archipelago (with Jurnal Wacana)

Stories and Storytelling in the Indonesian Archipelago is a one-day symposium organised by KITLV. Indonesia’s oft-overlooked repertoire of storytelling traditions continues to inspire the nation’s arts, cultures and social practices. Following a successful pilot symposium in 2014, we investigate some of the archipelago’s diverse story-texts and performance practices.


This broad-scope symposium centres on the characteristics of Indonesian stories, their embedding in storytelling traditions, and the (ritual) contexts in which these are performed. Several presentations explore how stories were – and are – composed and disseminated. Other participants bring to the fore Indonesian perspectives on storytelling beyond the boundaries of the written word, including solo- and group-performances accompanied by music, singing and dance.


We hope that this event will contribute to a renewed attention to the storytelling practices of Indonesia, fostering a more nuanced understanding of “text” in all its forms, the relevance of traditional stories in a rapidly changing society, and ongoing developments in Indonesian literature and popular culture.


More information on this event will be available on the website of the KITLV as soon as possible.
Picture: Clara Brakel