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12 September - Interpreting the Dao de jing: the Lao Tzu, the Path of virtue and many others.

Johan Peter Gumbert was an internationally renowned professor of Latin palaeography and codicology. His fascination for the translation of the Dao de jing into western languages gave birth to a unique collection of several hundred volumes published in more than thirty languages. Collected over decades, this unique ensemble of books is now included in the holdings of Leiden University Library. On the occasion of this acquisition the Library organizes lectures on the Dao de jing and its translation.


The lectures will be followed by an exhibition of selected books from the Gumbert collection.


– 13:30-14:00: Welcome coffee
– 14:00-14:10: Welcome speech, brief introduction to the Gumbert collection – Marc Gilbert
– 14:10-14:50: The Dao of War (De Dao van oorlog) – Paul van Els
– 14:50-15:30: The Hidden Role of Commentaries in Translating the Dao de jing (De verborgen rol van commentaren in het vertalen van de Dao de jing) – Burchard Mansvelt Beck
– 15:30-16:10: The How-Manieth Translation…of the How-Manieth Original? (De hoeveelste vertaling…uit het hoeveelste origineel?) – Lloyd Haft
– 16:10-16:40: Exhibition – selected books from the Gumbert collection.
– 16:30-17:30: Drinks

Please consider that the program of this event is in Dutch.

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