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International Institute for Asian Studies

28 February - IIAS Lunch Lecture – Opening up cartographic studies to insights from Global History: The case of Japan

In this lunch lecture, Dr Radu Leca will illustrate recent theoretical developments from global history and cartographic studies to maps of Japan held in the Leiden University Libraries. By studying seals, inscriptions and other cartographic paratexts preserved on the maps, we can recover their social and material agency. This approach contributes to the decentering of the Eurocentric narrative by acknowledging the synchronicity and intermeshing of multiple ‘movable centers’.


Registration via webform (before 27 february) is required. Seats are reserved in order of registration date.


About IIAS lunch lectures
Every month, an IIAS researcher or visiting scholar will present his or her work-in-progress in an informal setting to colleagues and other interested attendees. IIAS organises these lunch lectures to give the research community the opportunity to freely discuss ongoing research and exchange thoughts and ideas.