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4 October - Hindu Nationalism in Indian Politics

Past, Present and Future
Hindu nationalism, once peripheral, has now become the mainstream as well as the ruling dispensation in India. The hegemonic rise of Hindu nationalism is seen by some as a challenge to India’s liberal, secular, plural and diverse traditions. This lecture, traversing through the evolution of Hindu nationalism and analyzing the contour of its ideology and practice, will make an attempt to anticipate the future possibilities.
The speaker
Pralay Kanungo, Professor of Contemporary India Studies, International Institute for Asian Studies/Leiden University Institute for Area Studies, Leiden University
To be announced
Please note the different venue (The Hague) and timings ​​​​​​for this lecture (see information below)!
This lecture is​ also part of our series ‘Global Challenges’.
Time, venue, practical information
Wednesday 4 October
7:00 pm (!) to 8:30 pm
Leiden University College
Anna van Buerenplein 301
The Hague
For this lecture limited seats are available.
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