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Universiteit Leiden

23-27 January - Frontiers of Children’s Rights in the ASEAN Region

International Children’s Rights are still a relatively new concept, with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) entering into force only 25 years ago. Although the CRC is an instrument of international law and children’s rights should in principle be universal, many of the countries that ratified the CRC submitted certain reservations.


In order to minimize problems of unequal treatment or discrimination caused by these reservations, it is advisable to look at implementation, impact and effect of the CRC at a regional level, in addition to the international and national level. Especially now, with growing mobility and migration, also by minors and young people, a regional approach improving harmonization and uniformity, will be beneficial.


This regional edition of the Leiden Summer School Frontiers of Children’s Rights, organized with the Faculty of Law of the University of Indonesia and the Human Rights Center of Ateneo de Manila University, enables participants to engage with international children’s rights and topical regional issues affecting children, families and communities.