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BplusC, Taalmuseum

29 October - From sound to character. Language and writing in China

Is Chinese the world’s most difficult language? And how many  Chinese characters are there? Discover facts and fables about Chinese language and script at the China theme day at the Taalmuseum in Leiden on 29 October at BplusC.


This year, Leiden’s key focus is on Asia. In terms of Asian languages, there is one thing that immediately catches your attention: they often have their own type of script. This makes it difficult for us to understand the language, and it leads to all kinds of myths, such as that Asian languages are more difficult to understand than European languages. The Taalmuseum and BplusC are joining forces on Sunday 29 October to show visitors the wealth of Chinese language traditions and writing culture.


Speed lectures
Try attending one of the three speed lectures to find out about the languages of China and what there is to see and do in Leiden on the theme of China.

Three experts will tell you about their research areas and about the relationship between language and characters, about Chinese both inside and outside China, and about design and development.


Jeroen Wiedenhof (Language and Sing in China and Leiden), Joren Pronk (Taiwanese: Language looking for script), JKo De Baerdemaeker (Typographic Impressions from China).
Learn calligraphy
For centuries, Chinese calligraphy has been one of the most important expressions of Chinese art and culture. At the theme day you can take part in a free workshop on Chinese calligraphy given by Cara Yuan. Using a Chinese calligraphy brush, she will teach you the principles of this art form. There will be two workshops, one for adults and one for children.

Leiden and China
For more than 150 years, Leiden University has been the place in the Netherlands for knowledge of Chinese languages and cultures. This long tradition will be the basis for the photo-exhibition: Full of Character of which the festive opening will be held during this theme day. For more information on the exhibition please visit the exhibition-page.


The China theme day will take place on 29 October from 13.00 to 17.00 hrs. If you want to make sure you have a place, sign up now via


Visit for the complete programme.