Het Leidse Volkshuis

Apothekersdijk 33a, Leiden




1 November-31 December - Exhibition: Kumikai group| Sumi-e

Kumikai is the name of a group of practitioners of sumi-e. The name means “company around Kumi” and was chosen in memory of her Japanese teacher Kumi Kuwamura. Sumi-e is a relatively unknown painting technique that originates in China, but is further refined in Japan. Sumi-e is the Japanese word for “ink image”. Its basis lies in Zen Buddhism. The first practitioners of sumi-e were monks who devoted themselves to a strict schedule of meditation in preparation for painting. This was at the root of the creative process, which further consists of rubbing the ink, brushing the brush and releasing the brush stroke on the rice paper. The rice paper allows the ink to flow smoothly and improvement of the line is impossible. The drawing is completed by placing one or more stamps. The characters in these stamps are the name and thus the signature of the artist.


You are very welcome to visit this expo during openinghours.