Nieuwstraat 4, Leiden


BplusC, Taalmuseum

29 October-12 January - Exhibition: Full of Character

For over 150 years, Leiden has been doing and carrying out research on Chinese languages and cultures. There is only a few places, with the exception of China, where there I as much knowledge and expertise available as in Leiden. In the context of the Leiden Asia Year, The Leiden Language Museum (Het Taalmuseum) has put its efforts to making this knowledge visible for the crowd.
Het Taalmuseum asked researcher Jeroen Wiedenhof to select a few items that show how China and Leiden handle the Chinese Language. The result is a photo exhibition with unique objects and everyday objects from Wiedenhofs own collection and from the Leiden streetscape.
The festive opening of the exhibition will take place during the China Theme Day: Fables and facts about Chinese language and writing at the Taalmuseum.
For more information we kindly ask you to visit the website of the Taalmuseum.


Picture by: Pim Top. “Sportshirt” brought from Peking by dr. Jeroen Wiedenhof.