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Cinemasia Film Festival

14 September - CinemAsia FilmLAB (short films)

CinemAsia is your hub to contemporary Asian cinema. CinemAsia Film Festival is the only Pan-Asian film festival in the Netherlands and shows a selection of the best commercial, independent and arthous films Asia has to offer.

CinemAsia strives to unite Dutch and Asian communities and film professionals through connections that transcend ethnic background. With the creative platform CinemAsia Film LAB Dutch and Asian filmmakers come together and stories from the Dutch Asian diaspora are told through film.

In the 2017 the programme of the 10th edition of CinemAsia the FilmLAB programme offers three young filmmakers who made a winning short film which will premiere at the CinemAsia Film Festival. We are proud to show these films at the Film Room of the The Asian Library this afternoon as part of the festivities of the official opening of The Asian Library.
CinemAsia and Leiden University’s film teachers and researchers will work together more broadly throughout the 2017 Leiden Asia Year.