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van Wijkplaats 2, Leiden


Leiden University Institute for Area Studies

26 September - China Seminar: Re-discover China: the people, land, agriculture and traditional wisdom

Most Chinese regard themselves as descendants of Emperors Huangdi and Yandi. It is not a unified bloodline-based identity, but a cultural concept. Actually, China is always a nation made of multiethnic groups, and the term Huaxia (Han) is also a product of ethnic amalgamation. By the end of the Western Han, nearly all arable land had been cultivated and administered under the government registration.

As the foundation, agriculture provided China with enough food to deal with its tremendous population growth. A lunisolar calendar also ritualized the daily life of this agrarian society. History, ethnic diversity and cultural traditions formed the fountainhead of contemporary China’s reforms and openness. (Talk will be in Chinese)

Professor Ge Jianxiong – Fudan University

15.15 – 17.00 hrs.

This China-seminair is co-organized with Ministry of Culture of China and China Cultural Center in Den Haag.