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11-14 January - Beijing-Leiden Conference in Philosophy

The Leiden Institute for Philosophy is proud to host the Second Beijing-Leiden Conference in Philosophy, devoted to the topic of  Emotions in comparative perspective.


Since the inception of philosophical traditions around the world, emotions have played a prominent role in philosophical thought. As a cross-cultural symposium, we welcome contributions from any time period or global philosophical tradition. Although a theme for the conference will be the value of cross-cultural exploration of emotion, participants are welcome to contribute either explicitly comparative presentations, or presentations from one of the traditions in which they work.


Potential topics that might be explored include: the role of emotion in knowledge and justification; the relation between emotion and virtue; the normative value of emotional response; the ontology of emotion; and emotion within aesthetic theory. Since this is a comparative conference, a natural point of discussion will also be whether and to what extent the English term emotion adequately expresses the psychological distinctions made by other global traditions.