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30 March - Asia and the Dutch: 400 years of interactions across the globe

On the 30th of March, the Historical Study Association and Chinese Study Association will jointly organize a symposium titled: ‘Asia and the Dutch: 400 years of interactions across the globe’, that aims to highlight the interactions that were of major importance in shaping the heritage that is marked by a unique blend of Dutch an Asian influence and changing interactions for nearly half a century. It all began when the Dutch started sailing the seven seas and colonized the West as well as the East to ensure trade routes and partnerships, but also to culturally connect, conquer and share. This relation was deepened by further cultural, religious, military and social-economic interactions, which lead to a common heritage that is celebrated and simultaneously commemorated today, both in positive as well in negative sense. It is part of the Leiden-Asia year, that celebrates the old and enduring relationship between the Dutch and Asia. The themes that they’d like to discuss are:


Diplomatic relationships between Asia and the Netherlands (BuZa: Philip de Heer, former secretary-general of Foreign Relations and former ambassador of China and Japan)


Interactions in early modern times: VOC and Dutch trade impact on the Eastern coasts (Tristan Mostert, PhD Candidate in global and colonial history, specialised in Dutch East India Company)


The migration history of the Chinese Indonesians to the Netherlands (dual presentation by Kioe Bing Yap and Ing Lwan Taga-Tan, Chinese Indonesian Heritage Center)


World War Two and the Crisis of Empire in Asia (Dr. Ethan Mark, specialized in modern Japanse history with particular expertise in Japanse imperialism and the social and cultural history of the 1920s-1940s)


Time: 13.00 – 17.30