Leiden Law School

Steenschuur 25, Leiden



Universiteit Leiden

22-24 May - Adat law 100 years on: towards a new interpretation?

This international conference focuses on adat law in Indonesia, a century after the Adat Law Foundation (Adatrechtstichting) was set up in Leiden in 1917 by Van Vollenhoven and Snouck Hurgronje. The foundation would publish 43 volumes on adat law, resulting from one of the biggest law research projects ever carried out at Leiden University. Adat law is still a very topical and socially relevant theme, particularly with regard to land rights. The meeting offers an opportunity to analyse the current status of adat law and the most pertinent issues. This calls for an approach that, besides the legal perspective, also takes account of social, economic and political contexts. A comparison between the approach of the Leiden Adat Law School and the more recent approaches in academic research and in Indonesian policy practice is also in order. One of the key questions will be what prospects adat law in 2017 can offer for the numerous and widespread problems relating to access to and ownership of agricultural land for local communities.



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