LAK, Lipsius Building

Cleveringaplaats 1, Leiden



25 March - LAK-workshop & demonstration: Javanese Dance

During this workshop the dancers of Kuwung-Kuwung will show examples of different genres of Javanese dances, with an explaination from Clara Brakel (she studied South and Southeast Asian languages ​​and cultures at the University of Leiden. Her expertise lies in the field of Indian classical and Indonesian dance and music). After a short introduction by Clara Brakel and a short demonstration by the dancers there can be participated in the dance workshop.


Kuwung-Kuwung also shows some traditional dance costumes and bring costumes for participants who want to wear it.

Participants – women and men – should wear comfortable clothing, such as a t-shirt and leggings.



Please visit the website of The Leiden Academic Art Centre (LAK) for more information about time and costs or to register online.