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7 February - 1st edition Framing Asia

Framing Asia Is a monthly filmscreening within the context of the Leiden Asia Year, organised by the KITLV (Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean), the IIAS (international Institute for Asian Studies) and the department CA-DS (Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology) of Leiden University.


Program 1st edition: #1 Transgender issues in Indonesia

Renita, Renita (15min)
Tony Trimarsanto
Trapped in a male body, Renita wanted to be a doctor and a woman since she was a child but her parents forced her to study at a Islamic school where she was bullied and ostracised. She rebelled by becoming a prostitute in the hope of finding freedom but instead, found that it came at a cost — she experienced brutality and was discriminated against by her family and the Indonesian society in which she lived.


Across Gender (24min)
Anouk Houtman
What is it like being transgender in Yogyakarta? There is no single answer to this question. This film aims to show different ways of negotiating visibility in the Indonesian society when one ‘crosses gender’. The difficulty of this negotiation becomes apparent through the anti-LGBT sentiments and actions in early 2016.


Anouk Houtman is a young filmmaker with an MA in Visual Anthropology of Leiden University. She graduated with a film and thesis researching the visibility of transgenders in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Currently she is pursuing a second MA in Genderstudies and University Utrecht.

Intan Paramaditha is an Indonesian author and lecturer in media and film studies at Macquarie University, Sydney. Focusing on contemporary film practice in Indonesia, her research explores the relation between media, cultural activism, and sexual politics in the convergence and tension between national and cosmopolitan trajectories.


Time:         19.30h
Location:  Lipsius 028